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SNG Carrier ID: FCC Needs More Time, Cost Study

AvL Technologies offers Ka-Band antennas with a reversible Ka-Band/Ku-Band feed assembly.

Broadcasters who own and operate earth-based ENG systems have been watching the Carrier ID requirements to see what will be required to upgrade their facilities. A few “originally published” deadlines have come and gone while TV station owners ask for more time to gather costs and budget for them in upcoming years. Going back to […]

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Electric Vehicles Increase ENG Efficiency


Most of the cost of the ENG truck system—for many years—was the upfront capital investment. In recent years, however, the maintenance costs of running and ENG fleet have become more burdensome due to the aging fleets most broadcasters operate. Maintenance on vehicles, generators, and masts consumes much of the operating budget while fuel—with its varying […]

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WTVW Keeps Rolling with Broadcast Equipment and Sat-Lite

WTVW Hits the Road with Broadcast Equipment

Evansville, IN station WTVW recently hit the road with a newly installed 1.2m DSNG system. The system—which was configured and installed by Broadcast Equipment—features the Sat-Lite 1311 Peloris 1.2 Meter Motorized Vehicle-Mount SNG Antenna. The project involved replacing a legacy 1.2 meter antenna which suffered from old age and a recent collision. In the process, […]

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