Vislink NewStream: ENG, SNG, & CNG


Vislink’s new NewStream platform is a “triple threat” in the realm of live video transmission. NewStream combines the most viable methods (RF, Satellite, and Cellular) into a single multi-mode form factor. Ideal for ENG, SNG, & CNG, the product offers centralized management of transmit paths which can be used together, separately, or as back-up redundancy in the field.  The NewStream is based in a single 2ru chassis, with an easy-to-use front panel that simplifies workflow. The unit allows for on-the-fly switching of transmission technology in the field, depending on the most efficient method of news gathering available on-scene. NewStream raises the bar as the most comprehensive mobile broadcast microwave transmission system available today.

NewStream combines both licensed and unlicensed RF technologies together, all within an operator-friendly platform. The system includes both MPEG-2 and H.264 AVC (MPEG-4) HD/SD video/ audio encoding for ENG and SNG applications and for CNG operations, H.264 ABR (adaptive bit rate) coding to compensate for the dynamic signal fluctuations commonly associated in cellular network infrastructures.

For ENG applications, NewStream includes an all-inclusive mast-mounted ODU (Outdoor Unit) providing 2 GHz or 2 & 7 GHz ultra-linear high RF power output digital amplifiers. It interconnects with the IDU via coaxial or triaxial cable and contains an ancillary RF coax relay to switch between a high-gain directional or optional Omni-directional antenna.

For CNG operations the IDU communicates with a separate cellular ODU that is either roof-top or mast-mounted by means of a MoCa Power over Ethernet (PoE) bridge connection utilizing any standard RG-58 or RG-59 coaxial cable, typically found in most legacy Nycoil assemblies. Mast-mounting the cellular ODU potentially increases broadband cellular connectivity that could be weakened in more congested roof-top mounted installations. Multiple cellular modems inside the ODU are “bonded” together for the seamless transmission of high quality HD video over 3G/4G LTE network service providers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

For SNG applications the NewStream IDU provides control of a fully featured integrated satellite upconverter with L-band output, DVB-S and DVB-S2 modulation.

Vislink plans to roll-out an IP-based option for the NewStream platform in 2016. Contact Broadcast Equipment for pricing and specifications on ENG, SNG, and CNG technology.


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