New Low-Profile ENG Mast Reduces Clearance


Today’s ENG vehicles such as the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter require a high performance telescopic mast with a lower nested height in order to maneuver into tighter streets and parking spaces. Will-Burt’s Low-Profile mast with innovative internal collar design optimizes the nested-height/extended-height ratio for a shorter retracted mast. Each collar is stored inside the next rather than stacking the collars one on top of the other – minimizing the stowed mast height.

An integrated locking payload top plate stabilizes the payload when stowed and in transit. Will-Burt’s mast design reduces extended mast twist for the best possible video feed. In prior designs the mast could be vulnerable to rotation while extended in winds. This rotation increased the difficulty of aiming a signal but also increased stress on the mast sections. The mast is available in several models with extended heights ranging from 27-50-ft. The most notable offering is a low-profile 42-ft mast with a 200-lb. top payload.

The features of the new design include a low nested height and an internal collar design which minimizes the stowed height (and vehicle clearance) while driving down tree-lined streets. The design is optimized for new, smaller ENG vehicles where the broadcast workflow is streamlined yet a mast is still required for daily live shots. Will-Burt’s 5 year manufacturer’s warranty offers an added comfort given how much an ENG mast is used on a regular basis in extreme wind, ice, heat, and other elements.

Will-Burt’s new low-profile design is available on a wide variety of ENG and SNG trucks. The mast can also be retrofitted on any existing ENG/SNG truck as a replacement to a legacy mast design. Contact Broadcast Equipment for pricing, specifications, and installation on the new Will-Burt Low-Profile Mast.




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