ENG 2.0: Making Your News Car ENG-Friendly


Most commercial broadcasters own at least a few company cars—whether it be a sedan, crossover, SUV, or a utility van. In some cases TV news departments own a small fleet of small SUV or crossover-type vehicles (Ford Escape, Honda CRV, Jeep Cherokee). With the evolution of compact ENG equipment these utility cars can be made “ENG-Ready” in quick order on a very affordable budget.

ENG and SNG trucks still provide the majority of hard daily newsgathering. Yet by outfitting additional fleet vehicles with certain live-shot provisions you can significantly enhance your news coverage at a much lower investment. Having a safe, reliable power source in the vehicle is a good start with additional features like slide-out work surfaces and exterior lighting also useful. When it comes to transmitting video the car can be prepared for COFDM microwave (with rooftop antenna), SNG (portable Ku-Band or Ka-Band system), bonded cellular, or IP. For cases where one of these technologies is not permanent (for cost or other reasons) one or more SUV’s can have provisions for a certain system to be installed at any time. Newer technologies like bonded cellular and lightweight SNG systems can be moved on and off of vehicles much easier than it would have been with older legacy equipment.

Its really the provisions that increase the value and capabilities of the news SUV’s—whether or not each one is outfitted with live shot transmitters of any kind. Here are the primary provisions to consider when making your news car (or SUV) more ENG-Friendly:

  • On-Board power provides stable, reliable AC for transmitting, editing, lights, chargers, laptops
  • Exterior lighting offers better video for night shots, increased safety factor
  • Equipment racks offer space for legacy equipment such as microwave, monitoring, IFB gear
  • Custom rooftop provisions allow for easy integration and pre-wiring for microwave, bonded cell, SNG
  • Shelving and secured camera storage—essential even for the most basic news car

Here at Broadcast Equipment, we provide a la carte design and pricing for news car and SUV provisions. There are a number of power sources depending on the type and vintage of vehicle (under hood generator, alternator-based, shore power, DC power). By adding power and a basic set of provisions you can add significant vlaue to your news coverage for just a fraction of the sticker price of that small SUV.

Contact Broadcast Equipment for pricing and specifications on how to make your new or existing SUV ENG-Friendly.





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